CENCATEC is an institution that belongs to the Galpa Group and it is associated to our Total Parts stores, created with the objective of giving a wide range of curses in refrigeration areas, air conditioners, electro domestics and industrial automatization.

CENCATEC is dotted with a vast experience, acquired and developed knowledge in our 50 years of trajectory in the commercial and industrial refrigeration, as well as the knowledge of the markets through our Total Parts stores and our client and distributors network.


Guide and train to the best practices in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial automatization, through practical workshops, with the use of functional and modern units along with the best technical and teaching resources to ensure success in the knowledge of new technologies and products.


Being recognized as a leader and reference institution in the region, as an organization on the road to excellence, where people, companies and institutions turn to for training and services.


People: Ensure development opportunities on the basis of merit and professional contribution. Having commitment and identification with the company we represent.

Innovation: Guide our actions to continuous improvement.

Teamwork: Teamwork is understood as all the people who work interdependently, providing complementary skills to achieve a common purpose with which they are committed, seeking excellence in performance and a goal which they feel severally responsible about.

Customer focus: Focus the efforts on customer satisfaction, providing competitive and quality solutions.

Honesty: Honesty is related to honor, dignity, praise and decency. Honesty is the enemy of lies and deceit; defends the truth at all costs, allowing the possessor to keep the front raised inspiring respect.

Respect: It means valuing others, abide by its authority and consider the person. Respect requires friendly and courteous treatment; it is the essence of human relationships, of community life and teamwork.

Commitment: Commitment is one in which we put all our passion and endeavor and which we can make real with the support, ongoing feedback and fulfillment of our duties. It also refers to the degree of identification that you have with the work, which creates great personal disposition and desire to continue participating actively in the project, to achieve the purposes.

Loyalty: Is a feeling of attachment and fidelity that inspires the people or ideas which we identify with. Loyalty involves a high sense of belonging to the company, compliance to superiors and friendship with co-workers.

CENCATEC  Online Education

Online training platform that seeks to potentiate knowledge and learning in our product lines, meeting that way the training needs, not only ours, but of our customers.

We will put to service in our customer universe, 365 days a year, a number of solutions and courses developed by experts, enabling them to know the best techniques, services and market products.

We offer to our suppliers and manufacturers, a new and unique space of training that enables them to inform, advice and certify in the different fields of our industry.